Janathon Day 24


Day 24, going for a long run during a race and then celebrating our president’s 50th.

Got up at 7:20, got ready and headed to the start. Decided I would go for the longer race of the 2 options: 9k or 15k. I could always change my mind if needed when the “long” race turn came.

I was feeling good, it wasn’t too cold and decided to stick to the plan. Set my Garmin for 1:30 and stuck to it, even during the trail run part going uphill, phew, that was tough, but so worth it. Once at the top I felt like I owned the world!

I kept going and enjoying the views… such a beautiful place to run in, such a privilege. I knew that the “long” run went through the grounds of a historical house and really wanted to try. Got there and I have to say it was totally worth it… such a beautiful place… definitely going back!

Made it to the end thinking the km markers were wrong and hadn’t even gone 15km but…. my GPS told me otherwise… the course was, in the end 16’5kms long, OMG!

So happy with it. Waited for prez to arrive and surprise him… he found 70 people waiting, he was in awe! We’re now going for lunch, he thinks it’s just family… yet, another surprise!

I did over 40 minutes of stretches and planked a few times… I think I can go have lunch and eat whatever there is!

Runner’s bag was: gymsack (got so many of them I could put a shop up, LOL) and inside were a pair of blue fleece gloves, a neck warmer (got about 30 too) and a headband, tennis style. Oh well… also got my sausage sandwich at the end, drink, coffee and piece of cake… won’t complain!


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